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Pre-Season 2022 source code release

Our 2021 robot code for Infinite Recharge @ Home as well as our off-season Swerve code is now available on GitHub:

2019 Robot Source Code release

Our robot code for the 2019 season (Destination: Deep Space) has been publicly published on Azure DevOps, located here:

Off season competition

Girls Gen 2019

On October 12, we participated in the Girls Gen competition in Maple Valley, hosted by Bear Metal (team 2046). We were #7 and a captain… Read More »Girls Gen 2019

Code Purple double climb with Apex Robotics

District Competition

At the 2018 District Championships, we worked with Apex Robotics (Team 5803) and successfully performed a dual level 3 climb.  It was impressive to see!

Team spirit

Summer 2018

Girls Gen Competition and other off-season activities